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Join Los Camaradas

As places become available, and particularly at the start of the autumn season, we are keen to welcome new players.

The band is an excellent opportunity to develop skills in latin styles, rhythms and improvisation, with the highlight of playing several gigs a year.  Repertoire includes  • some salsa standards, arranged specially for the current line-up  • some pieces developed over the year from initial improvisation sessions • original compositions by band leader Jonny Enright Band members record some of the rehearsals to make for easy practice at home, if the pieces are not already available on Youtube or Spotify.  

"After 10 years not playing due to young children, I got the trombone out, practised a bit over the summer and started the salsa band in the autumn.  Having trained classically, I'd never been able to improvise, but learned a lot over the year, to the extent that I was able to take a couple of improvised solos in the gigs at the end of the season." David, band member

There is an annual fee of approx. £130 to cover the cost of rehearsal venues and coaching. That's for 30 sessions, so averages at about £5 per session.

If you are interested in joining us next autumn, please contact Vicki:

 07854 648 039